Hydrodermis Facial
Hydrodermis Facial- $150
A hydrodermis facial procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, vitamin serum and antioxidant protection. The treatment is skin-deep that is soothing, non-invasive with no discomfort or downtime.
Deluxe European- $95
Nourishes the skin and brings forth a healthy & radiant complexion.
Creme De La Creme- $125
Includes a Deluxe European Facial with microdermabrasion.
Busy Bee Facial- $75
Mini facial featuring a fruit peel and moisturizing treatment.
Anti-Acne Facial- $95
Balancing treatment to absorb oil and promote refreshing complexion.
Facial Microdermabrasion- $95
Rejuvenating treatment to improve skin appearance. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks.
lash extensions
​Classic Lash Extensions -$175
Hybrid Lash Extensions- $200
Full Volume Lash Extensions-$225
Our semi permanent lashes have the look and feel of real lashes, and are available in different lengths. Keep your lashes good as new with a touch up, recommanded every two weeks to three weeks.
Lash Touch Up Prices:
2 Week ClassicTouch Up- $65
2 Week Hybrid Touch up-$80
2 week Full Volume- $90
3 Week Classic Touch Up- $75
3 Week Hybrid Touch Up-$90
3 Week Full Volume- $100
4 Week Classic Touch Up- $100
4 Week Hybrid Touch Up-$115
4 Week Full Volume Touch Up - $125
*After 4 weeks we charge a new set.
ear candling
Helps to relieve discomforts associated with sinusitis, allergies, hearing loss, headaches, ear infections, sore throat, common cold - $40
Make-up lessons




​Trigger Point Therapy-
Helps naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injures.
Swedish Massage-
Light to medium pressure and good for stress related conditions and chronic pain.
Deep Tissue-
Releases muscle tension, provides deep pain relief, loosening scar tissue
1/2 Hour- $30
1 Hour- $60
1 1/2 Hour-$90
Full Leg - $70
Half Leg- $35
Under Arm- $18
Brow- $15
Lip- $12
Chest - $20+
Back- $35+
Lash Tint- $25
permanent make-up

Permanent Make-up



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Crystal Bed Therapy

There are a variety of uses for the Forsyth Crystal Light Table © is a Crystal Bed, which can create an experience with sometimes dramatic results. The FCLT© Crystal Bed brings balance through the synergistic combination of crystal therapy, chromotherapy, sound vibration therapy, and magnetic therapy. This powerful energy device uses the science behind crystal therapy, magnetic therapy, chromo therapy, and sound vibration therapy in one energy session to perform simple to complex tasks from simple Chakra balancing and stress reduction to addressing advanced human energy issues. Many use creative intentions to increase manifestations, resolve health issues, or anything that addresses human energy needs. The use of Vogel-Cut® crystals and crystal singing bowls help align energies while providing a relaxing and meditative environment. Energy balancing can be done remotely, on the phone, or in person, to cover a range of issues in any of the following areas:

  • anxiety

  • sleep issues

  • sleep paralysis

  • food issues and eating disorder

  • allergies and rashes

  • loss of identity or life-purpose

  • unforgiveness, resentment, unresolved feelings

  • addictions to food, drugs, sex, or behaviors

  • depression (sadness or depressed energy)

  • chronic fatigue

  • destructive voices in the head

  • accident proneness or clumsiness, not in the flow of life

  • feeling stuck, blocked, or lacking clarity

  • feeling separation from God, Guides or Source

  • obsessive behavior

  • tendencies to isolate

  • taking on negativity from others

  • self-sabotaging behavior

  • acting out of character or sudden mood change

  • physical ailments or illness

  • phantom pains

  • gender confusion 

  • relationship issues

  • energy leaks around money

  • thoughts of suicide, thoughts of harming

  • dream communications associated with night terrors

  • abusive behavior rage

  • night terrors

  • energetic wounds

  • aura imbalances

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 Sound Healing Meditation Classes